Travel Essentials for Female traveling solo
Travel Essentials for Female traveling solo

Solo Female Travel for women in India | Top 20 Tips and Tricks for 2020


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More often than not, solo traveling for females can be nerve-wracking especially in a multi-dimensional country like India. The people, the culture, and the environment can all seem drastically different if you do not belong from that part of the world. More so, every part of the country itself differs in so many aspects that traveling solo within the country may seem foreign to some. However, with the right mindset and complete preparation, such a solo female trip could turn out to be life-changing.

Tips for Solo Female Travel

The versatility of the country can help to shape you in a way that venturing out with a company would not. But, before you set out on your exhilarating journey, you must take into account the following tips for your next solo female travel adventure. After all, having fun with a few guidelines hurts nobody!

1. Plan Ahead

Woman planning for solo travel
Firstly, Researching is extremely important before you go on a solo trip. Make arrangements in a way that the time of your arrival at the destination is during daylight. Besides, you must always have your first day at a hotel booked as a single woman traveling alone.
Secondly, check for your sim provider connectivity in the city you are traveling to, so you stay connected every moment and travel with peace of mind.
Finally, keep all the necessary gadgets and apps handy for your solo trip. Hotel booking, Cab ride, City map, Food ordering and so on.

2. Carry Safety Essentials

woman wearing mask for solo trip
Girl, You need to be safe while planning your travel around or post the COVID pandemic. Do carry your mask, gloves, sanitizer and other personal protective equipment.
Also check with the hotel or vacation rental on their safety guidelines and hygiene protocol.
Tip: Research about your hotel and travel places on online travel sites like Makemytrip, Booking, Expedia or Tripadvisor. You can not only compare prices, but also look at the safety guidelines and other important notes and facilities available during your stay. So do check it out.

3. Inform Someone Regarding Your Whereabouts

woman talking during solo female travel
To avoid any mishap, it’s necessary to let a friend or family member know not only where you’re staying, but also about your movements throughout the day.

4. Avoid the Cheapest Hotels

Girl enjoying in pool during holiday
Solo female travelers should prioritize their safety and comfort above all. Therefore, consider spending a little bit more on accommodation. Also, you must avoid opting for a mixed Dorm room since they’re mostly full of men.

5. Check your Room Door

Girl checking hotel room door during holiday
Budget hotels may have cheap locks on the door that aren’t secure. You could carry a rubber door-stopper to add as an extra layer of protection. Also, you must scheme through the room for any peep-holes which are more common than you think!

6. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Girl traveling solo
Keep a lookout for any unusual activities in your surroundings, be it too close or far. If you’re listening to music while walking on the street, it’s safer to leave one of the ears of the headphones unplugged to hear any abrupt sounds.

7. Use Social Media Smartly

Girl checking social media during solo travel
Do not post anything on your social media platforms in real-time. I know it’s really hard to prevent yourself from sharing a picture of a cool fountain or a unique building to your followers but wait to do so until you’re in a different location.

8. Capture the Memories with a Perfect Camera

woman doing photography during solo trip
How could this not be in our list of travel essentials! When you are traveling alone, every moment is worth a capture. So unleash the shutterbug within you and get the best camera for your next solo trip.
It is also a good idea to carry a travel diary to reflect on each day and you will make your experience all the more richer with those candid reflections.
Take it a step ahead, and get your own travel blog, which can hopefully inspire many more female travelers to take that solo trip, and hopefully fund your next adventure!

9. Don't Miss to Install the Safety App

woman installing sfety app for solo travel
Leverage technology to keep yourself safe. Your mobile will be your best guardian, while you are away on a solo trip. Do install safety apps, like Eyewatch SOS, so you can confidently travel the world and stay calm and alert while alone in any location.

10. Most Safe Cities in India for Night Owls

woman alone at night during solo holiday
As a solo female traveler, you must stick to night-outs only in the safer cities which include Goa, Mumbai, and Bangalore. You must avoid going out alone at night in cities like Delhi (highest crime rate), and Agra (conservative locals).

11. Ignore Men Who Stare

woman avoiding crowd during solo travel
Men staring can be quite uncomfortable but it’s very common in a country like India. Sometimes they do so just out of curiosity but the smartest move would be to avoid it.

12. Make a Scene if Anything Goes Out of Hand

Girl creating scene during solo travel
Eve-teasing is unfortunately very common in India so if you are a victim of it, you must make a scene. Most likely, if there are other women (or even men) around you they’ll come to the rescue.
Whenever anyone asks you why you’re alone, tell them you have a friend or a partner waiting for you back at the hotel.


13. Keep Copies of Important Documents

solo female travel documents
Make both physical and electronic copies of all your important documents including your passport and identity cards.

14. Use a Dummy Wallet

Girl wallet stuffed for solo holiday
You can keep a wallet with a little cash and canceled credit cards to make the thief believe that they have grabbed a deal, while you keep the real valuables hidden elsewhere.

15. Establish Your Boundaries

Women talking to stranger during solo travel
You could use terms like Bhai (brother) or Kaka (uncle) to portray a platonic relationship with men you come across.

16. Most Touristy Destinations in India for Women

Solo Female travel to Taj in India
As a female solo traveler, you should consider visiting the following places in India as they are thought to be the safest – Ooty, Nainital, Kodaikanal, Coorg, Jaisalmer, and Munnar.
However, most of these places have a lower temperature throughout the year therefore, you must pack accordingly.
So, what’s your pick for the solo female travel destinations in India and Abroad?

17. Take a Self Defense Course

Girl learning self defense for solo female travel
Solo female travelers should take extra precautionary steps to be ready for any unfortunate circumstances. Instead of carrying a pepper spray (which seems like an easy solution), learn a few effective self-defense moves which will highly benefit you (of course we hope you don’t need it!).

18. Be Nice

Women talking happily during solo female travel
Interact with locals nicely when you ask about their culture, and be open to differences.
This is a great way to get to know people, understand new cultures and open new horizons for yourself. Certainly, will make solo travel the most enriching experience of your life!
A company of locals during your solo female travel, makes a killer concoction, isn’t it!

19. Be Guarded, When Required

girl with boy during solo holiday
If someone is asking too many personal questions, stick to avoiding them politely. If men are being too friendly, it’s most likely not to have a genuine friendship.

20. Trust your Instincts

Indian woman traveling alone having fun
Unlike traveling in groups, solo traveling requires a lot of trusting especially on strangers. However, not everyone has the best intentions.
Therefore, if your gut instinct is pointing towards something with a negative vibe, you must avoid it at all costs.
So, ready for your next solo female travel adventure in India?

Bottom Line

Quality time alone at an unfamiliar place is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. Women seem to build up an exterior shell against opportunities like this for obvious reasons. But solo female trips can be rather turned into incredibly exciting adventures. So, before you decide to take your next or first solo trip, incorporate the above tips into your journey and make it memorable.

As someone rightly said, “Traveling alone will be the scariest, most liberating, life changing experience of your life. Try it atleast once and get ready to be mesmerized!” And we say, you’ll never know if you never go. What say girl? Ready for your next adventure?

Also, to help you with your next adventure, here is the list of must-have travel essentials for all women in India. Do pack them up for your next solo girl trip!

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